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Our Story


Collage is a local independently owned cannabis store situated in the Capitol Hill district of Calgary. The store originated from the ideas of three young men who wanted to create a cannabis store that was unique in product selection , customer service , and ambience. The owners keep a wide selection of products that are suitable for novice or seasoned cannabis users.  Our bud tenders are very knowledgeable and love to get to know our customers! Futhermore, the young men have years of furthering Cannabis and Hemp activism prior to legalization, as well as supportive parents who took a risk and opened a retail store in the midst of COVID-19.

We are an Albertan family and team who love the outdoors and everything that makes Alberta the best province. We are mindful of the environment and always have vegan options for edibles.

We look forward to building the Collage culture and community with our supporters.

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